Urban Decay Vice Lipstick palettes

Just a quick post for you today of UD's two Vice Lipstick palettes that are out for the holidays. I'm not going to review the lipsticks, per se, because I've swatched their Vice lipsticks previously, but I just wanted to show you the packaging and swatches of the shades that are included.

There are two: the Blackmail palette, and the Junkie palette. They both look the same in terms of packaging. (Actually, it isn't even labeled which one is which, so I had to put labels on the back so I didn't have to flip them open each time.) It opens upward like a regular compact, and then on the inside, there's an additional "flap" made of sturdy plastic so that the lipsticks don't get all over the mirror.

It most certainly is!
Both palettes come with a retractable lip brush (YES!) and twelve lipstick shades, although you should know that three of those shades (714, Firebird, and Big Bang) show up in both, so really you're getting 21 different lipstick shades if you buy both palettes.

The Blackmail palette is the more "wearable" one, with classic pinks, reds, and nudes. (And Blackmail itself is a vampy dark red.) There's a nice variety of finishes (sheer, cream, metallized, mega-matte, etc). If you want your lipcolors a little more conventional, then this is the palette you should get.

L to R: Sheer Shame, Firebird, Big Bang, Disobedient, EZ, and 714

L to R: Vanished, 1993, Ex-Girlfriend, Amulet, Conspiracy, and Blackmail

If you are looking for lipstick colors that are more on-trend, you might want to consider the Junkie palette. There are still some classics in there, but notice that there are purples, a shimmery taupe color, and a GREEN.

L to R: Disturbed, 714, Carnal, Safe Word, Studded, and Whip

L to R: Wrath, Big Bang, Firebird, Vanity Kills, Speedball, and Junkie

I cannot stress how awesome these are. Unless you are only willing to apply lipstick straight from the tube, these palettes are an amazing convenience, variety, and value. If you've been lusting over a ton of UD shades for the last few months, but don't want to pay $17 per tube, especially if they're colors that you don't normally wear but want to experiment with, these palettes are perfect for that sort of thing, especially the less-conventional colors of the Junkie palette. If you need to carry around many lipstick colors but don't like carrying many lipstick tubes. then these palettes are perfect for that too. And they come with a GOOD retractable brush, and their packaging is designed to keep everything as tidy as possible. Despite the fact that I have quite a number of these shades already, I'm really glad to have these.