Welcome to my makeup station!

At last!

So, as (I believe) I've mentioned, I recently moved with my family to a different state where a bigger house is far more affordable than in the Bay Area. But even at our previous home, it was very important to me to have my own space not just to keep all my junk but also to serve as a sanctuary.

This room I'm currently in is my office, library, craft room, and makeup room - everything that is ME is here. And today I'm going to show you my makeup station, so you can see how I have everything organized and set up. (BTW, I got rid of, like, half my makeup collection before we moved, so I know this will look like a LOT of makeup still, but just know that I had about twice as much.)

The first thing you'll notice, of course, is that I've joined the ranks of beauty bloggers everywhere and invested in Ikea Alex drawers - they're sleek, sturdy, and can hold a lot of stuff. I have the Alex/Linnmon desk combination as well as the 9-drawer unit. They were easy to put together (though tedious). I chose white everything because white makes for a better background when photographing products and swatches. (I'm sure you've noticed that previously, I had a giant oak desk.) PS - I also chose the room in the house with the most amount of natural light during the day, not just because of photography but also because it makes me happy :)

When I sit down at my station, this is what's immediately in front of me - I like to be on my computer while I do makeup, so I have my spare laptop and speakers. To my right is my makeup mirror - I have an Ott-lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror, which I like a lot. The mirror portion has a magnification side on the reverse, so you just have to flip it over, and it's big and tall enough to see my whole face while I'm sitting normally in my chair (as opposed to leaning down - you want to see yourself at eye level sometimes when you do your makeup). To my left are my makeup brushes - I used to have more, but I totally fell in love with Urban Decay's new line of Pro brushes and it was time for me to replace my collection anyway. So now all my brushes are from that line, and they sit in an acrylic caddy. (I can't for the life of me remember where I bought it - Target? Michaels? Something like that.) And then above my laptop, I decided to set up a little mood board - I save a lot of the postcards and things that I get in the mail or with my purchases, just because I think they look cool, and now I finally have a use for them. The ones shown here are from MAC, UD, and Sugarpill.

Right next to me on my far left are a couple caddies (both from Target - the acrylic one is Caboodles, and the gold one is really just a letter sorter from the dollar section). This is where I keep my most reached-for basics: foundation, powder, concealer, setting sprays, mascara, brow tools, my favorite eyeliners (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner), eye primer, and makeup removers. I also have my UD Gwen Stefani blush palette, my KVD Shade & Light eye and face palettes, and a Z-palette where I've depotted Urban Decay's Spectrum palette, Alice Through the Looking Glass palette, and two Naked Basics palettes, because in a pinch, those are the ones I'll reach for first.

Note: At some point, I plan to buy a large framed mirror to hang on the wall above these, to my left.

Below to my left, as you can see from the first photo, is the five-drawer unit. The top two drawers are shorter (in height, not depth), and the bottom three drawers are taller. Here's what's inside:

Top drawer: Complexion
These are all the face items that I use occasionally, but don't reach for as often as the stuff in the caddy on my desk - foundations, primers, concealers, face masks, lotions, etc. That circular thing is a palette/mixing tray that I got from MAC (they gave me one at a Techniques class), and I do use that quite a bit.

Drawer 2: Hair/nails
I don't do either my hair or my nails very often, but it's good to keep these handy. In the upper right of the picture, note that I have a pack of salon-style hair clips. These are used of course for keeping my hair out of my face while I'm doing my makeup.

Drawer 3: Various tools
This is the first of the taller drawers. I have a smaller mirror, another palette and a spatula, brush cleaner, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, etc. You can see towards the center top that I have a bunch of those Z-palette magnets. The BeneFit tin in the upper right contains the double-ended brushes that I like to use when I travel - I don't like to store those upright because that will mash one of the ends.

Drawer 4: Disposables
All the necessities, of course: makeup wipes, cotton swabs, triangle sponges, cotton balls, and tissue boxes.

Drawer 5: Bags and pouches
Sooooooo many!

To the right of my desk is the 9-drawer unit, the top of which is just below eye level when I'm sitting down. There are five short drawers and four tall ones. Here's what I keep in it:

On top are two caddies (from Muji - I can't find the exact same ones, but they're like these) containing mainly UD eye pencils, but there are other brands there as well, and tissue.

The top two drawers are for lips. They're pretty much organized by brand. In the second drawer, I have two lipstick holders from The Container Store, and sandwiched between them are a row of MAC lipsticks so that they don't fall over. I bought these clear caps from byAlegory for my MAC lipsticks, so that I can see what colors they are without flipping them over, and the other lipsticks in the caddies are already flipped over so I can see the names. (They can stand on their top ends without falling over.) All the lipsticks I couldn't do that with are lying on their sides in the top drawer.

Drawer 3: Face color
These are blushes, highlighters, and bronzers, including a couple palettes.

Drawer 4: Random eye stuff
Primers, lashes, gel liners, brow stuff, and cream shadows/bases

Drawer 5: Eyeshadow singles
You can see all the Sugarpill loose shadows I have. I forget where that caddy came from (again, most likely Target or Michaels), and it's a pretty tight fit width-wise, so it doesn't slide when I pull open the drawer, which keeps my Sugarpill shadows in place. I have small-sized Fyrinnae loose shadows in one of the caddy sections, and this is good because one of them has a tendency to loosen its cap somehow and spill a bit.

Drawers 6 & 7: Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes
Drawer 6 has smaller palettes (in a tray) and Vice palettes, and Drawer 7 has my Z-palettes and larger stuff. I left room to grow, but I can definitely fit a LOT more if I store them vertically like I did with the small palettes (bookshelf style, I guess?) The tray was from the school supply section at Walgreen's and came with smaller-size trays that I put in other drawers. (Like below)

Drawer 8: Kat Von D palettes
Below that Mi Vida Loca Remix are a couple other of her large-sized ones, so you can't see them in the photo. I put the Mi Vida Loca on top of them, even though it obscures the others, because I'm more likely to reach for it anyway.

Drawer 9: Various other palettes
Not that I don't love these, but that's just where they go.

So yeah, that is my makeup station setup at the moment. I don't expect it to stay this way permanently, because I love to reorganize, but for now, this is the system that's working for me. I hope you got some good ideas out of this post for organizing your own stash :)