Urban Decay Sephora-exclusive Vice lipsticks - Tampered, Wildfire, and Notorious

In addition to the 100 shades they're carrying, UD also has 20 Sephora-exclusive Vice lipstick colors. I picked up the three I wanted most and swatched them for you here :)

Tampered is a comfort matte finish. It's described as "deep mauve":

On me, it's a tad on the brown side (which is cool, because that's on-trend right now, right?). It's absolutely right up my alley.

Wildfire is a metallized finished, described as "metallic orange with gold pearl":

This is such a GORGEOUS color. I totally fell in love with the online swatch I saw from UD, and was actually more pleased to find that in person, it's slightly more sheer, which makes it more wearable for me. When I wipe it off, it looks quite red on my Kleenex, but doesn't appear so red on me.

Lastly, and this was a color I KNEW I wanted from the get-go, is Notorious. It's a comfort matte, described as "medium berry":

Of course, to me, it looks more purple, and that's why I bought it - I had no idea that this was considered a berry. I have also ordered Pandemonium (which I've swatched previously) and Jawbreaker, so I'm curious how they differ from each other. Maybe they're all very similar, I don't know - it's okay. I love purple anyway.

I'm not sure if I'll pick up anymore Sephora-exclusives, because I was basically primarily interested in these, but I'll swatch them if I do! :)