Swatches - Urban Decay Moondust palette and Pro brush

I feel like this was a long time coming! I have a few of UD's Moondust shadows (as well as their Stardust shadows, which were the predecessor). I think they're really beautiful, but I just don't have enough of a need for sparkly eyeshadow to pick up the entire line.

Luckily, with the release of the Moondust palette, I can expand my collection and have a wider variety of colors to work with, without getting full-sized (full-priced) eyeshadows that I definitely won't use up.

The palette casing is glittery gunmetal-colored plastic, which is a nice surprise, because I was expecting cardboard. (Not that cardboard is bad or anything.) The word "moondust" on the lid is comprised of cut-out letters with a mirror beneath - like, you can see yourself in the letters if you held it up to your face - and it's really cool. The entire inside of the lid is a mirror, so it's nice and large, and it stands up, rather than flopping over. (As Leesha from xSparkage says, it does not need Palette Viagra =P)

This palette has a pretty good rainbow assortment of shades, so I feel like I'm basically set for life in terms of sparkly shadows. And the pigmentation is pretty consistent with their other Moondust shadows, I thought.

In anticipation of this palette, I also bout the UD Pro Moondust brush while I was at the flagship store in Newport Beach recently, so for my swatches, I decided to do my normal thing (swatching with my finger) as well as swatch with the Moondust brush, spritzed with MAC Fix+, which is the recommended method of use. (I mean, not specifically Fix+, but with some sort of mixing medium/fixative spray.)

I wet the brush enough to create a paste-like consistency with the eye shadows. As you can expect, the shadows are already gorgeous applied dry, but when applied wet, they take on this great foiled finish.

Swatches - left dry, right wet:








I don't see myself reaching for this palette a lot, but it's the sort of thing I am happy to have on hand for special occasions (or just for whenever I need some sparkle). As for the brush, I think it's a nice addition to my toolkit as well - I do have some general small-sized blending brushes that are similar, but the Moondust brush is denser (like, somewhere between a blending brush and a smudge brush), and besides, the entire line of UD Pro brushes are just GORGEOUS and really good quality. The brushed metal ferrule is to die for. (I picked up three that I didn't really have dupes for, and if I wasn't already swimming in brushes, I would love to own the entire collection.)