Swatches - Kat Von D Serpentina palette

Look at this thing. It's BEAUTIFUL. And it's got a variety of COLORS. And it comes with loose pigment! As soon as it was revealed on social media, I knew I had to have it.

... And then I swatched it, and I didn't love it :(

It's not a terrible palette, but it didn't feel on par with her recent palettes or her Metal Crush eyeshadows (which these so closely resemble).  I mean, some of the shades were really good, and some of them were really bad.

So here are the first four shades. Medusa and Queen are lovely, of course. Ankh was so-so. But Bloodmilk... what EVEN happened there? The swatch that you see is the result of me making several attempts to layer on product with my finger (which is not difficult to do!).

The other four shades - again, Scarab looked pretty good. Hieroglyph and Nile were okay, and Venom was better than Bloodmilk, but not up to par with all the other mattes KVD has released lately (see: everything from the Shade & Light line).

The loose pigment, Prophet was pretty good. I've swatched it next to Thrasher (a Metal Crush shadow, on the right) for a comparison of golds. They're definitely different, but if you don't have a giant need for golds, or you don't really want this palette, then you'd do well just to buy Thrasher.

I liked this palette, but I didn't love it, especially since I have the Mi Vida Loca Remix palette, which has a bigger array of colors and generally better pigmentation. But if you weren't able to get that one, then this one could suffice.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Serpentina was a bit of a disappointment. When I was in Sephora, drooling over it, I swatched the ones that caught my eye most and they seemed so dreamy. Of course I didn't swatch all. I was still thinking of buying this one later if it was still available when I had extra acorns.😢


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