Swatches - Urban Decay Vice Lipstick sampler

Urban Decay recently launched their new line of 100-ish lipsticks in 6 different finishes, which is AWESOME. Many of these are new, and many of them are reformulated from their Revolution lipstick lines (regular, matte, and sheer), in case some of the names sound familiar. I was lucky enough to receive their 24-color lipstick sampler. (I actually got two - one from Sephora, one from Ulta.)

I've swatched them all for you here, on my arm, and I tried on some of them too. (I didn't want to try on all 24, because I feel like my lips will probably fall off my face. You can see some of the Gwen Stefani colors on this post.) I'll let you read up on the finishes and the Vice line in general on their website (and other bloggers/vloggers have covered it as well), and we'll just get to the photos :)

All swatches on my arm are done on bare skin with a lip brush.

Page one: purples and pinks

Column 1, top to bottom: Seismic (sheer shimmer), Pandemonium (mega matte), Jilted (cream), and Firebird (cream)

Column 2, top to bottom: Menace (comfort matte), Big Bang (metallized), Sheer Anarchy (sheer), Psycho (comfort matte)

Page two: Reds

Column 1, top to bottom: Rock Steady (cream), Manic (cream), Gash (cream), 714 (mega matte)

Column 2, top to bottom: Disturbed (comfort matte), Blackmail (comfort matte), EZ (cream), Snitch (sheer)

Page three: nudes/neutrals

Column 1, top to bottom: Conspiracy (metallized), Rapture (cream), Amulet (metallized), ZZ (cream)

Column 2, top to bottom: Naked (cream), Backtalk (comfort matte), Stark Naked (comfort matte), Gubby (metallized)

You can tell in the last picture, I was trying to avoid the now-stained areas of my forearm :)

I picked a couple shades from each column to try on and tried to hit a variety of finishes. I WILL say that I do not generally use a lip brush to apply lipstick - I like to apply straight from the tube, and I usually get a more pigmented application that way. I could tell even in the swatches that using a brush made a difference, because I have some of these shades already, albeit in different formulations, and they generally look more vibrant when I apply straight from the tube. Also, I applied MAC Prep+Prime Lip before each swatch, to protect my lips.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of my face:

Seismic (sheer shimmer) - This was REALLY sheer, which I was a little disappointed about, because it's so beautiful in concentration. Again, though, I would normally apply this straight from the tube.  Seismic is described as "plum-purple with red shimmer."

Pandemonium (mega matte) - I was really, really excited to try this shade on, and it didn't disappoint. I've heard that this mega matte formula is the same one that they used for the shade 714 that was released as part of the Gwen Stefani collab (which they kept for this line of Vice lipsticks, btw), so I'm already familiar with how it wears. This is a must-purchase for me. Pandemonium is described as "bright purple," though it looks like a deep shade to me. It is definitely a red-based purple.

Big Bang (metallized) - This applied rather sheer, and it's SUPER sparkly. When I wiped it off, it left a ton of microsparkle, which is no surprise as it's described as "bright pink sparkle."

Psycho (comfort matte) - I've heard a lot about how nice these comfort mattes feel, and I have to agree - they're matte, but they have a sort of slickness to them. (But not as much as the cream finishes either.) I still prefer a hard matte finish, like the mega mattes, but these were great too. Psycho is described as "bright rose with iridescent blue micro-sparkle." I'm not sure that I noticed the iridescence or the micro-sparkle, honestly.

Manic (cream) - The cream finishes are the classic "default" UD finish from lipstick lines past. Manic is described as "soft wine." It's a lovely everyday pop of color, good for people who don't want to go all-out red.

Gash (cream) - I've owned Gash in some form or another ever since I was in high school. It's one of my favorite reds. Usually it looks darker on me, but again, I don't usually apply it with a brush. This is another must-buy because... well, it's my favorite :) Gash is described as "deep red with tonal shimmer."

Disturbed (comfort matte) - This color is exactly the sort of shade I always love to buy. I probably have, like, a thousand "deep brick red" lipsticks, but seriously! It's sooo good!

Snitch (sheer) - I have a fair amount of UD's Sheer Revolution lipsticks, but somehow I didn't end up with one of these. This is a great summer color, and it's sheer, so it's not like, WOW BRIGHT. Snitch is described as "pale coral-pink."

Conspiracy (metallized) - This was another color I'd heard about and was really excited to try. It's just so gorgeous. It's described as "plum-bronze shimmer," and this is exactly what it is - depending on how you move your head, it reflects bronze or it reflects plum. This one is another must-buy for me.

ZZ (cream) - This is one that, if I bought it, I would still apply it with a brush, because it looks better on me if it's a little sheered out. This is a nice springtime shade. ZZ is described as "soft pink-purple."

Backtalk (comfort matte) - This is one of those perfect everyday shades. It's described as "mauve-nude pink." (I wonder if the use of hyphens in their lipstick descriptions is strategic. Is "mauve-nude pink different from "mauve nude-pink"? Just curious.)

Gubby (metallized) - This is the sole sample from the "wildcards" colors (and yes, I'm disappointed that they didn't include anything "weirder," like black or blue or green, in the sampler). It's described as "frosted light pink," and while in the pan, it looked WAY too pale for me, it actually applied very sheer, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

There are TONS more lipstick shades that I definitely want to check out (like, say, ALL THE PURPLES), but this was a good way to check out some of the shades. I hope my photos help give you an idea of which shades you'd like to try out. :)