Swatches: Jeffree Star's Beauty Killer palette

Man, sorry for the long break! I got really busy wrapping up the rest of the school year, and then jumped immediately into jury duty, so I haven't had a lot of time to even browse makeup, let alone play with it beyond putting on a very basic face every day.

But I did jump at the chance to pick up this new Jeffree Star palette, because it is right up my alley and it is totally gorgeous.

The first thing you should know about this palette is that it is huuuuuuuge:

PS - That's an informal swatch of his Velour Liquid Lip
in Rich Blood on my hand
The pans are ginormous, probably over twice the size of Urban Decay's square palette pans (as seen in the Vice palettes or Alice Through the Looking Glass palette). This isn't a criticism of UD, but just an observation of Jeffree Star's. You get a LOT of each shade, which is really nice.

There is a nice mix of bold colors and matte neutrals in this one - this would be a great travel palette for me because it's versatile and you can get a wide variety of eye looks from this one palette.

The quality and pigmentation, I've found, varies (just a little bit) from shade to shade, but overall, it's decent. I still favor my favorite eyeshadow brands (obviously), but I definitely prefer it to most MAC, Tarte, etc. They're easy to work with. I think that, despite me being SO married to Urban Decay and Sugarpill and such, this could easily become a favorite/go-to palette because of the shade selection and quality.

Top row:
Star Power, Princess, Violence (favorite shade), Rich Bitch, and Courtney
Bottom row:
Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, and Black Rainbow
Star Power, Courtney, Vanity, and China White are mattes, with Black Rainbow being a matte with multi-colored microsparkle. All the rest are frosty/metallic.


  1. Violent is gorgeous. Like a very wearable red, which won't make it look like you haven't slept in weeks. I wish the sparkles in black rainbow showed up in the swatch.


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