May's PopSugar Must Have Box

It's that time again!

This month's PopSugar box came with a few extras, which was really cool. It also apparently had some sort of wellness theme to it, which is awesome, so... without further ado, let's take a look inside.

Firstly, there's this Breathe Deeply spray from Happy Spritz. I guess you can spray it anywhere - your face, your yoga mat, your room, etc. It smells nice, with peppermint and eucalyptus.

I also got a Spongelle Spongology Body Buffer, which is one of those spongey things that is infused with body wash. I haven't used it yet, but I'm looking forward to it:

I also received a set of two Capri Bracelets from Bluma Project. The little card says that these retail at $44, which is more than the price of the entire PopSugar box alone. I think they're beautiful, but they are snug on my giant wrists :/ 

There was also this Peanut Butter Clutter snack bar from Jimmybar. It basically was a less-chewy Larabar - it wasn't bad at all, just not what I like to eat.

I am really excited about this Kocostar Foot Therapy treatment - they're kind of like those paper face asks, but they're booties that go on your feet. You wear them for an hour and a half and then you rinse your feet off. 

And then lastly, this Gaiam foldable yoga mat! I don't even do yoga (anymore), but compact, lightweight mats are always useful. (Or maybe I'll start taking up yoga again, I don't know. My body doesn't like to be bendy.)

And then the extras:

- A bottle of Hint Kick, which is caffeine-infused water. I don't know if I feel the caffeine at all, but it tastes good
- $10 off at I checked the site, and it's kind of foofy, expensive, (dare I say) pretentious, but beautiful-looking, stuff. I might use it on chocolate.
- Revlon's Volume+Length Magnified mascara, which I cracked open right away, and I pretty much love. It's not as dramatic as other mascaras I've tried, but it doesn't flake into my eyes at the end of the day or anything, and I appreciate that. 

So that's it! I loved getting a few extra goodies this month, and again, I love that I generally receive things that I wouldn't think to buy for myself, but that end up finding a place in my life anyway.

As always, please feel free to use my referral link and use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first box!


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