Bitter Lace Beauty - Mermaids Lagoon

Okay, so the big talk of the beauty world for the last week or two has been Bitter Lace Beauty's rainbow Prism highlight powder, which I was unable to get my hands on before it was sold out.

However, I did manage to get in an order for another unique highlight powder of theirs called Mermaids Lagoon:

It's a pretty, PRETTY teal with gold shimmer. And yeah, it seems like a weird color to wear on your face (unless you're actually cosplaying as a sea creature), especially when I swatched it on my hand with my finger:

But even then, it looks a little less teal. On my face, applied with a brush, it looks less intimidating (though, I made sure to use a light touch because it is so pigmented):

So my guess is, if you really want it to look teal, you could build it up some more, but otherwise, it's actually quite wearable. And it's a large pan, so if you're applying lightly, it'll end up lasting a long time.

At the moment, BLB is totally shut down as they try to fill all the orders of Prism, but hopefully they will reopen soon and restock this one.

PS - Can we talk about the gorgeous pattern pressed onto the product pan? I was actually sad to use it, because I didn't want it to wear off.