Comparison: Kat Von D's Eye Contour palette in Rust vs. the Shade & Light Eye palette

As it says on the label:

This is just a quick post to show you the difference between KVD's new Eye Contour quad in Rust, and the "warm" quad from the original KVD Shade & Light Eye palette.

They are definitely the same color family, and I'm interested in mixing/matching the shades in an eye look, but there are no repeats. The three smaller pans in the S&L Warm are more muted compared to the three smaller pans in Rust.

Top row: S&L Warm
Bottom row: Rust quad
In the swatches above, I switched the order of the second two shades from the S&L Warm so that you could see them next to their analogous shades from the Rust quad.

So from left to right, you have first the large-pan "base" shades, then the darkest shades (for defining), then the medium-ish shades (for contouring), then the lightest shades (for highlighting). (I know the ones from the S&L Warm have actual shade names, but I don't have them handy right now.)

The base shades are definitely different, with the bottom one being actually more like a baby pink, while the top one is definitely peachy.

The two dark brown shades are the most similar, but even then, you can easily see that they are different browns, with the top shade being a cooler-toned brown than the bottom shade. (Which is funny, because it's part of the Warm section of its palette.)

The contour shades aren't even remotely close - one is more of a dark red, and the other is quite pumpkin-y.

The highlight shades are different in texture and color (and I apologize, I picked up a little too much product when swatching the bottom one - soft texture). All of these shades are supposed to be matte, but you can see that some of them come out a little more satiny than others. The top shade has a peachy tone to it, compared to the bottom one.

And of course, this is all observable even without swatching :) You can see these differences just looking at the pans.

Is it necessary to have both? If you have one, should you bother buying the other? Well, if you're a KVD fangirl like I am, then probably yes, you must have ALL THE THINGS. =P

If you're not as into KVD as I am, then it depends on your needs. If you just want to experiment with orange-based shadows, then pick up the Rust quad - it's only $26, and it's small and cute. However, the Shade & Light Eye palette is pretty spectacular because it contains a neutral quad and a cool quad as well, so if you're more in the market for a great multi-purpose product, then you might want to consider spending a little bit more for that one.