More ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip colors: Lost, The Rabbit, Mess Around, and Petit Four

I couldn't resist picking up a few more, especially Petit Four, which was out of stock when I placed my first order.

I have since had a few different opportunities to test these out, and my conclusion is that while they do still last quite a long time, they come off more easily than the Ultra Matte Lips, which I guess makes sense - matte anything is usually the longest-lasting formula. But they are gorgeous colors, and a little touch-up here and there never hurt anybody ;)

Here is the famed Petit Four, a "deep charcoal grey":

I was worried about how this would look on me, especially after seeing how pastel Marshmallow was, but this isn't pastel at all. And it reads way more teal on me than gray. I LOVE IT.

Mess Around is a "mid-tone grey beige," and I love it as a cooler-toned neutral. This was the intended lip color when I did this eye look/FOTD:

The Rabbit is a "bright fuschia with a subtle blue sheen," and reminds me of the UDxGwen lipstick Firebird. So, I'm glad I no longer need to buy that one :)

And last, which I'm well aware does NOT go with this eye makeup, is Lost which is a "warm-toned brown red." Classic, must-have.

I hope these help with your lip color purchase decisions! :)