Urban Decay Urban Spectrum Palette

I hadn't originally planned to get this, but it was just rereleased on Sephora last week, and collector that I am, I decided that I needed it.

This one is packaged just like the 15th Anniversary palette, with the reusable velvet tray and everything, except it's all black instead of chrome. It consists mainly of repromotes, with just a handful of new shades, and they're arranged in a spectrum/gradient, which is pretty cool-looking, and handy. There are four rows of colors, and one row of neutrals, and not a single matte in the bunch:

Row 1 (Protest, Junkie, Deep End):

Row 2 (Madness, Evidence, Prank):

Row 3 (Omen, Flashback, Voodoo):

Row 4 (Flatline, Bordello, Backlash):

Row 5 (Daybreak, Burn, West):

(I can't tell you which ones are totally new - Flatline? Daybreak? Flashback? and possibly Burn?)

So yeah, it's typical UD quality, with typical UD flair and spunk. Pair this with one of the Naked Basics, and you'll be all set.