Urban Decay Gwen Stefani lipsticks - swatches and comparisons

Having received the UDxGwen lipstick sampler along with the eye shadow palette, I was curious to try out the lipsticks and see if any of them were similar to UD lipsticks I already had. After all, that's the point of a sampler, right? From what I've heard, these use the same Revolution formula (which means that they are awesome).

First is Rock Steady, which is a cream-finish blood red:

I immediately thought of the UD classic Gash. You know, Gwen Stefani is pretty much the one who popularized Gash in the 90s, because it was HER color, so I'm surprised that they didn't just repromote it somehow.

L to R: Rock Steady, Gash, Shame
Rock Steady is a little deeper in shade than Gash, but clearly not as deep as Shame. It's close enough, though, that I probably wouldn't pick it up, but as you may know, Gash is only available right now through UD's website or at their flagship store in Newport Beach, so if you are not in Newport Beach and don't want to deal with ordering online, then Rock Steady would be a good way to go.

Next is 714, a fire-engine red that is a "mega matte" finish.

It is definitely, definitely matte. I don't own MAC Ruby Woo, but I would presume that it's a similar level of matte.
Left: 714
Center top: Matte Bad Blood; center bottom: Mrs. Mia Wallace
Right top: 69; right bottom: F-Bomb
I was curious to see not only how the colors compared to each other, but also the matte-ness. Bad Blood was the only one of these that is matte, and as you can see, it has a visible sheen compared to 714. (Actually, I'm not sure if Mia Wallace is matte or not - it's in a black tube like all the others in the matte collection, but it was released before the matte collection, so I just assumed it was a choice inspired by Pulp Fiction.) The shade that came the closest to matching was probably F-Bomb, but clearly their finishes are different - different enough, I think, to justify having both of them. (Says me, because I actually bought 714, and therefore, I own both of them. *grin*)

Ex-Girlfriend is the only neutral of the entire collection, and it's a sheer pinky-brown:

REALLY sheer. When I was asking the girl at the UD counter about it, she recommended layering it over a lipliner.

L to R: Ex-Girlfriend, Naked, Liar, Sheer Liar
Turns out, it's a little browner than the other pinky-brown neutrals I own. I have Liar in all its versions (because it's my go-to, YLBB shade), and therefore, I swatched the full-coverage regular version as well as the sheer version. It of course looks similar to Sheer Liar, but it's less pink. (It also feels less pigmented than Sheer Liar, though I applied it with a brush from the sampler packet, and Sheer Liar was applied from the tube. So that could make a difference.) Again, probably close enough that I would skip buying it, but I do actually like it.

Lastly, there is Firebird, which is a gorgeous fuschia cream:

I feel like this picture above doesn't do it justice, because the color was quite vivid even in one stroke with a lip brush. It immediately made me think of the UD shade Jilted:

L to R: Firebird, Jilted, Catfight
Firebird is suuuuuuper close to Jilted, but Jilted has a little more red in it, and Catfight has even more red than Jilted. Again, close enough for me to skip, but it's definitely a gorgeous color, and it applied beautifully.

There are four other shades in the UDxGwen lipstick collection, two of which are exclusive to the UD site and store. Everything is a cream finish except for 714, Ex-Girlfriend, and Plaid (exclusive, also sheer). Some of these shades are close enough to existing UD lipsticks that you could save yourself the money, but hey, sometimes it's not about the money :)

Bonus: Selfie, wearing 714