Swatches: BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes 28-eyeshadow palette

I decided to add this to my order when buying the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies palette, because I actually don't have any of the MakeupGeek foiled eyeshadows, so I was really excited to swatch this.

It is 28 shades of metallic/metallic-shimmer eyeshadow in a rainbow of colors. What more could I ask for? And they were all amazingly buttery and pigmented, except for the very bottom right shade for some reason - you can imagine my disappointment after swatching 27 beautiful shadows and finding the last one to be kind of a dud. I don't know if that one was bad for everyone, or just in my particular palette, but it's okay. The rest more than makes up for it.

There are no shade names or anything, so I just swatched them row by row. I tried to photograph my arm close to the row that I swatched.




Dat bottom row tho. But DAMN that last shade :(
As you can see, the palette starts out more pastel-y at the top and becomes more saturated/vibrant towards the bottom.

I'm super excited for all the possibilities this palette holds. Yassssssss, COLOR!