Swatches - Urban Decay Vice Ltd Reloaded palette

I was so excited to receive this today that I had to swatch it right away!

Vice Ltd Reloaded celebrates Urban Decay's 20th anniversary by bringing back some really old shades that have long been discontinued, as well as other shades that were previously exclusive/limited-release. I definitely had to get these for teenage me, because I remember wearing Hot Pants and Acid Rain when I was in high school. There are some new shades too - as far as I can figure, I think Suspend, 501, Shallow, and Goldmine are new eye shadow shades. (But I could be wrong about that.)

And of course, all old shades have been redone in UD's new formula (well, it's not a NEW formula, but you know, when they reformulated everything a few years ago), so everything is smooth as butter. I even have a greater appreciation for shades like Oil Slick and Midnight Cowboy, which I rarely touch because I can't stand their glitter shades - they're a little less gritty and fallout-y.

Here are some photos and swatches for you.

The outside box, which I love. The case itself is plain black.

Top row: Suspend, Oil Slick, Roadstripe, Gash, Midnight Cowboy

Row 2: 501, Shallow, Laced, Hot Pants, Mildew

Row 3: Smog, Misdemeanor, Freakshow, Asphyxia, Acid Rain

Moonflower, UV-B, Goldmine, Twice Baked, Anonymous
I love the mix of textures and variety of shades. I think this would be a great palette even if you weren't a longtime Urban Decay fangirl, just because some of the shades they brought back are pretty unique. (I mean, there aren't a lot of Gash-like colors in their other palettes.)