December PopSugar box

PopSugar's Must Have Box has probably become my favorite subscription box (and I've definitely tried a few different ones). I like that it always includes a beauty product, but it also includes things that I would never think to buy.

So here's what we got in the December box:

This was the first thing I saw, and I might've squeed a bit:

I've tried to make mug-cake many times before and it always came out microwavey-tasting (you know what I mean?), but THIS was fantastic. So moist and rich. We also got a discount code for future purchases, so... I am ALL over this.

Glitter tape, which came in REALLY handy for my Christmas gifts. It's an opaque white background with silver stars.

This gorgeous stopper - I don't drink wine often, but when I do, I usually don't have anything like this to stop up the bottle.

This ombre-metal chain bracelet. I NEVER would've chosen this for myself, but I actually really love it.

This gorgeous jewelry box. Like, AN ACTUAL BOX.

These TinyPrints labels as a bonus item! I soooo used these for my Christmas gifts.

And this Stowaway Cosmetics lip trio. Apparently all their products are mini-sized.

Thanks, PopSugar! I look forward to these every month!


  1. That stopper could not have been more perfect for us. My kid is a geology major so the gem-shape of it made it an instant hit. Loved everything in this box, although I have yet to get to the lipsticks. I just have a ton of lipstick.


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