PopSugar Must Have Box - November!

I originally signed up for PopSugar's monthly Must Have Box because they seemed to include really awesome things that I would love to have, but wouldn't necessarily think to buy for myself, and so far, that has absolutely been the case. But I was PARTICULARLY jazzed about this month's box. Just look at what I got!

Thanksgiving postcards! I've never sent out anything for Thanksgiving in my life, but I kinda like the idea of it, especially since Thanksgiving seems to get overshadowed more and more by Christmas every year.

This lovely headband, which is valued at more than the cost of this entire box:

This gorgeous candle:

This eyeshadow quad from Tarte Cosmetics, which was right up my alley in terms of color and quality:

Wait, it gets better...

THIS PECAN HONEY MUSTARD which I've already eaten (with chicken). It was delicious!!!

And the best thing: A FANCY BINGO SET.

Seriously, is that not the prettiest Bingo set you've ever seen in your life? I haven't played Bingo since I was a kid, but the second I saw this in the box, it brought back a rush of childlike excitement. I definitely NEVER would've thought to buy a Bingo set for my household, and definitely not one that looked like this, but I am sooooo happy to have this.

This is my favorite box so far. Keep it up, PopSugar!