PopSugar's Must Have Box for October

This is my second PopSugar Must Have box, and I gotta say, I was really looking forward to it, mostly because I knew we'd be getting a book, and I love receiving books :)

I liked how mostly everything seemed to work well for a night in, which is my favorite kind of night to have:

This is the aforementioned book. I really like Mindy Kaling, despite not having read her other book and never having seen any of her work (except for Inside Out). She just seems really cool, and while I'm not sure I would've gotten around to picking up her book myself, I'm not sorry to have received it.

This is the other item that was "previewed" before boxes shipped. I love body scrubs, I love lavender vanilla, and I'm excited to try it out.

This is definitely something I would never think to pick up for myself, but was SO excited to see this - it's a satin pillowcase, which is good for preserving your hair while you sleep - not preserving your hair style, but preserving your actual hair, as in, not letting it get too ratty or whatever while you sleep. We also received a coupon for future purchases, and it would seem that this alone is worth the cost of the entire MH box, so I'm glad we got one. I would probably like one in a darker color, since I dye my hair all the time, and my pillows have ended up with purple stains.

YASSSS FUZZY SOCKS. And they have grippy spots on the sole, so you don't hurt yourself. YASSSS.

This waffle cookie thing was really, really good, though I should've eaten it with coffee, since it was so sweet. The texture was amazing. I love that these two boxes I've received have come with snacks.

This is the only thing that didn't fit in with the "night in" theme - they're gift bags for wine bottles. I have zero use for these, since I don't drink wine, and I certainly never attend anything where I'm expected to bring wine. Oh well.

As a bonus item, we got this:

Yeah, another leave-in conditioner. I'm amassing quite a collection. We even JUST received one in the last Pop-Sugar box. But it was an extra rather than one of the official items, so I'm not so mad. Also, we received a $40 off coupon for personalized jewelry.

Overall, though, this was a pretty awesome box. Again, I signed up for this because I wanted to receive stuff that I wouldn't normally think to buy for myself, so so far, I don't regret signing up at all, because that's exactly what I've gotten out of this subscription. I can't wait for the next box!