Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss Lipstick set

I'm already a big fan of KVD's Studded Kiss lipsticks, and to be honest, I love the idea of lipstick minis, since I'm sure I've never used up an entire lipstick before, so I definitely wanted to grab this set.

It contains seven minis from the lipstick line, as well as one brand new/exclusive full-size shade:

Noble, which is described as "matte petal pink nude":

Coven, which is a "matte lavender":

(Man, pastels just really aren't my thing, are they? :/)

NaYEON, which is "pitch black with gunmetal shimmer":

I really, really, really love this color.

Halo, which is "neon clementine":

Not exactly sure how Halo is different from A-Go-Go, but I'll investigate.

Sexer, "iridescent fluorescent pink":
I couldn't see the iridescence in the tube, but on me? I LOVE it. The slight bluish sheen is what makes this color for me.

, "matte reddish fuschia":
I already have Bachelorette in the liquid lipstick, and this lipstick is redder. I think I like it better.

Wolvesmouth, a "metallic berry":
It's not overly-metallic, and I like that. It actually just looked iridescent to me.

And Gold-blooded, which is the full-sized, brand-new exclusive shade that comes in a white studded tube. It's "a remixed red with subtle gold shimmer":

It does have a gold shimmer, but it also has some gold micro sparkle (which you can't see in my picture, but is very visible up close). This is actually a perfect holiday color.

Overall, I really like the set. I was already a fan of the formula anyway. There were only two colors that I ended up not liking on me, and again, the mini lipstick size is perfect for trying a whole bunch of new colors at a lower price. And I have to admit, the white studded tube of Gold-Blooded looks pretty cool :)

Snag it while you can! It's available from Sephora for the 2015 holiday season.