Swatches and first impressions - Kat Von D's Mi Vida Loca Remix palette

I've definitely been excited for this to come out ever since it was first announced. I was thrilled when I found out that KVD would be "remixing" her Mi Vida Loca palette because I didn't love the quality of the first one so much - let's face it, KVD's palettes have not always been on point, but they definitely have been great lately, and we all know that I love bright colors, so I've been obsessively following her Instagram posts and waiting for this palette to come out.

It's pretty glorious - it has 24 colors and is packaged in a beautiful record sleeve-style case, which makes it less practical, of course, but we don't always love things for their practicality, amiright? (I'm actually very tempted to depot this palette and my other gigantic KVD palette, but not just yet.)

As you can see, it comes with 17 rainbow-y colors and 7 neutrals in the center ring, and they are a variety of finishes - mattes, shimmers, satins, sparkles, etc. I love that there is such a great range in this palette, because I don't usually like working with all brights or all neutrals or all the same texture. For people like me, who really love color, this is pretty perfect in terms of versatility, and if it were more travel-friendly, I could easily see this becoming a major go-to palette for me.

Quality-wise, it's overall really good - most of them are AMAZINGLY pigmented and smooth, while there were just a few that felt a little on the dry side (like Echo, Vinyl, and Legend), but none were actually bad. It's definitely a vast improvement on the first Mi Vida Loca, and I'm so glad that I got this. I can't wait to play with it more.

More photos and swatches below:

This might be the largest palette that I own?
The paper insert contains 3 looks to try
A closer look at the shades:


Destroyer, Swoon, Love, Anthem, Muse, Echo
Dark Wave, Synth, Hyperballad, Lemmy, Misfit, Vinyl
Rewind, Harpischord, Analogue, Fran, Legend, Moulder (neutral)
Neutrals: Noble, Skulls, Black Metal, Lyric, Strutter, Vox


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