New on my radar: Makeup Revolution!

Recently while I was at Ulta, I was meandering around trying to decide what to use my coupon on, and I saw a display for this brand called Makeup Revolution. I had never seen it before (it's on the drugstore brands side), and I was intrigued by the really low prices, so I picked up a few things to try out. And I definitely wasn't disappointed.

First is their Amazing Lipstick (no, that's what it's called). I picked up a shade called Rebel With Cause.

It was light, creamy, and very nicely pigmented.

I also got their Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Vamp, which ended up not being a good color for me, but the formula was AMAZING. If you want a great, long-lasting liquid lipstick for a low price, I definitely recommend this. It did settle in my lip lines a little, but I think applying it with a lip brush would've helped.

And lastly, how could I resist a palette called Unicorns Unite?

There are 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades. They were all pretty decently pigmented - I think with the help of a primer, they would've shown up even better. But still, for the price, it's pretty good.

Swatches, in order by row:

The lipstick was $3; the liquid lipstick was $5; and the palette was $10. And hey, since they're not a prestige brand, you can use all those other Ulta coupons you get throughout the year.

This brand is definitely on my radar now, and I'm hoping my local Ulta restocks, because they were pretty much picked clean when I went. I'm excited to try more products from them!