ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks

I've been kind of lip-obsessed lately. I've always been into trying new shades and such, but I've also always been on the hunt for my holy grail items. There are many lipsticks I love, but most days I will leave the house bare-lipped because whatever lip item I'm wearing tends to end up all over my drink, my lunch, or my face (or my family's faces), and I don't know, I hate reapplying. It's weird, right? But I always feel self-conscious about reapplying makeup, like, at a restaurant or whatever, and I can't be bothered to excuse myself simply to reapply, and I rarely remember to take my makeup with me when I go to the restroom anyway. Whatever. First world problems.

I've been specifically obsessed with liquid lipsticks lately, because I think they are pretty much the answer to my problems - the best ones will last all day and NOT stain my sandwich bread. (I know it's unavoidable, but I don't, like, WANT to eat my lipstick if I can help it.) I super-love Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, but they are on the pricey side, so it's hard to buy them in bunches.

Enter ColourPop. You know, ColourPop has pretty much been the most amazing affordable brand I've ever seen, and over the past year, they have expanded SO much. When I first started hearing about them, they were all about their uniquely-textured, amazingly pigmented, not-quite-cream-but-not-powder-either eye shadows. They've since added blushes, highlighters, bronzers, and lipsticks of all different finishes.

And finally, this summer, they added liquid lipsticks.

*Insert cackle of joy!*

For $6 a pop, who could resist? Here are the first few I got (because god knows, I definitely went back and ordered more):




Bumble, Tulle, Sundae, Drive-In, Avenue
This formula is STELLAR. They are probably the BEST liquid lipsticks I've ever tried, possibly even better than KVD's. If I try hard enough, I can wipe off my KVD with a tissue. But with these, I scrubbed with a makeup wipe so hard that my mouth got irritated and swollen, and it still left some behind. (It took me hours to try on all those colors because I had to wait for the swelling to go down.)

The formula is light and super-pigmented, and I don't feel like they make my lips look too dry. I don't feel self-conscious wearing them, and they come in a ton of shades (which they recently added to, hence my second order). I even kissed my daughter with a couple of these (lightly!), and they didn't leave a mark.

ColourPop FTW! These are definitely going into my Everyday Use pile.