ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip - Beeper, Be-Dazzled, Guess, Jellies, and Dr. M

I've been wearing ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lip almost every day since I got them, and I have to say, I'm SUPER in love with the formula. It pretty much stays on allllll day - I might refresh it just a bit on the center of my lips after I eat lunch, but other than that, it stays bright and intact.

They recently released some "funky" colors, and I knew I had to have them.

I've always wanted to experiment with unusual lip colors, but my choices were either really cheap Halloweeny-type stuff, or the pricier, prestige brands like OCC or Kat Von D, which are really great quality, but I don't want to spend $18-20 for colors that I'm not going to wear very often. ColourPop's are $6 each, so I don't feel super bad if they don't get as much use.

Although now that I've tried them on, I might have to try to find a way to wear them more, because they are pretty awesome.

I did get one conventional shade with them. Beeper is described as a "mid-tone taupe," and it's a decent, basic nude shade. Everyone should have a decent nude shade in their arsenal. It's a touch lighter than my KVD liquid lipstick in Lolita:

Be-Dazzled is a beautiful purple. You know me and purples :)

(I felt like the dramatic colors needed more dramatic eye makeup than what I was wearing.)

Guess looks black, but it's actually a really, really, really dark purple. Despite the fact that I had to apply more layers than usual to get it opaque, I ended up liking the shade a lot more than I thought I would.

Jellies is described as cobalt blue. I think it's a little darker than a true cobalt. It also seems to lean a little bit teal-y. It's really lovely!

Dr. M is a dark green. I also felt this one leaned a little teal-y, but it's still definitely green. I also liked this one on me more than I thought I would, since I'm not normally one for greens.

I totally loved them all. Can we all make a group effort to normalize these colors so I can wear them grocery shopping without getting weird looks? :) They're so beautiful. Why is conventional beauty limited to reds and pinks? Let's wear ALL THE COLORS. I guess blue nail polish used to be super "alternative," and now it's pretty commonplace. I'm hoping lipcolor will be next :)

PS - PRO TIP: These totally wipe off easily with oil. I remember Temptalia saying that they will break down if you're, like, eating a salad with oil-based dressing, so I've started keeping a small thing of olive oil on my desk along with my makeup for easy removal. No more scrubbing and swollen lips!