August Ipsy: Will this be the end???

*cue dramatic music*

Well, no, nothing is happening TO Ipsy, but rather to my subscription. The truth is, I haven't really loved the stuff that Ipsy has been sending me lately, and I really think I might cancel it. 

Individually, there's nothing wrong with any of the products I receive, but I kinda feel like between my two subscriptions, I've been amassing a large collection of setting powders, leave-in conditioners, and other stuff that I will probably never really use because that's what I keep receiving ALL. THE. TIME. Even when I do review my bag on Ipsy, I still get repeat offenders, such as the time I received bottles of "beachy waves" hair spray for, what, two or three months in a row? YOU GUYS. I HAVE A PIXIE CUT.

So anyway... As you can see, I got a bottle of leave-in conditioner and a smaller bottle of face wash. I haven't tried the conditioner, because I'm still using a bottle that I received last month, and I've tried the face wash, and it's nice, but I hate the way it smells. And I'm a loyal user of Philosophy's Purity Made Simple anyhow - it's my HG. I also received yet another setting powder. *yawn*

I also got a lipstick from bellapierre cosmetics in P.I.N.K. Nice color. Felt good on. Kind of a frosty finish.

And a black eyeliner from Doucce Cosmetics. It doesn't QUITE have the staying power of my UD eye pencils, but it's not too bad. It glides on without tugging, and only smudges a bit after a long day.

Here I am wearing the eyeliner and lipstick: