MAC Technique Class - "Everyday Glam"

Last month (I know, so behind!) I got to take another MAC Technique Class. (Click here to read about my first one.) This time it was hands-on, meaning that I actually got to play with product and put stuff on my own face, rather than just watching someone else apply product, so that was really cool. If you've never taken one, I highly recommend it. (I signed up through the MAC counter at a nearby Nordstrom.) As with last time, the amount for the class fee was actually given back to us as store credit, so once the class was over, we went back downstairs to the counter to pick up whatever products sparked our interest.

So, when I got there, there were a whole bunch of stations set up for the participants:

We each got a mirror, a MAC binder, a beaker of brushes (which we didn't get to keep, of course), a Nordstrom-exclusive palette (which we also didn't get to keep), a little metal petri dish, and a list of all the products we were going to use that day. This was great, because last time it was hard to keep up writing down all the names and stuff while still paying attention to the artist. It was a pretty long list, considering how the subject of the class was "Everyday Glam." I was like, I am sooo not using thirty products every single day. I liked how the lead artist gave us tips about minimizing the number of brushes you can use for this look, but in the end it was still a beaker-ful, and I didn't really believe her when she said she could apply this look in her car while commuting. (Maybe if I were a pro artist too?)

But anyway... we watched the lead artist demonstrating on another person while we followed along at our own stations. Other MAC artists kind of hovered around us and made sure we were on track, and whenever another product was needed, they either dispensed a small amount on our petri dish (if it was cream/liquid) or they stood by to sanitize powder compacts/pencils/etc and then brought them around the room. When it came to mascara, they gave us one or two single-use spoolies each, so no one would double-dip. 

Here's the end result:

For all the products it took, it definitely lives up to its "Everyday Glam" name! It's subtly glamorous - simple, feminine, and yes, perfect for a work day. Though, again, I don't know if I would apply SO much product on a regular day. This is a much lower-key eyeliner look than I'm used to, since I usually go for thick liquid lines.

There wasn't anything we did that was totally new to me, but I do like hearing about new products and little tips and tricks that other people do differently, so it was still fun. (And I like the feeling of affirmation I get when professional makeup artists compliment me =P) I came away from this with a long list of things I wanted to try, many of which I picked up that day with my credit, and that I have by now incorporated into my daily routine. And what was really great was looking around the room at all the other participants and seeing how different (yet awesome!) we all looked, using the same products. So yes, this class was definitely worth it :)

Favorite moment:
Artist: "Hey, you're really good at this! Do you have a lot of experience with makeup?"
Me, blushing: "I like to play." :)