June Ipsy bag and Boxycharm

Eek! The month of June just flew by me, what with the end of the school year and everything. I can't believe I forgot to post!

Here is what was in my Ipsy bag for the month of June:

To be honest, I was super underwhelmed. There wasn't anything I was particularly excited about. Not that anything I received was bad - it's just, I have too many things similar to these items already. Another nail polish? Another primer? Another shadow stick? Eh.

Funny story: I looked at the shadow stick and was like, What the heck? Where's the cap??? And I proceeded to check all over my work table, my floor, and inside the Ipsy packaging until I was like, "Oh well. I'll swatch it for a photo, and if it dries up before I ever use it again, then so be it." And then when I tried to swatch it, it felt awfully plasticky against the back of my hand...


You're tres tricky, treStique!

Here's the swatch, a pretty dark olive green:

And here is the nail polish. Pretty color, nicely pigmented, but again, nothing I get super excited about:

I decided to sign up for a new makeup subscription box, called Boxycharm, and it costs twice as much as Ipsy, but it is five full-sized products instead of sample-sized ones. Here's what I got from them:

To be honest, I wasn't super excited about any of these items either, because, again, I kind of have a lot of all these things (and that big jar is a face mask, and I'm not really into masks). I'll give BoxyCharm another couple of months to wow me, since they don't send people their personal preferences or anything like Ipsy does. I like that they're all full-sized (although, really? That Lighting Crew highlighting cream looks sample-sized to me). Maybe I just happened to join during the wrong month for me.

Not everyone got the same Cargo eye shadow, so here's the one I got. I think I'd like to use it as a blush, along with the highlighting cream:

I totally forgot to take a picture of the nail polish on me. It's a nude cream. I liked the color, but it streaked a bit going on.

Eagerly awaiting my July bag/box!!