July 2015 Boxycharm!

This is my second box from Boxycharm, and I was definitely more impressed with this one!

So, what I forgot to mention with my first box is that on the postcard that comes with the box, we get a detailed list of all the items we received, including their retail value as well as instructions for use, which is really nice.

As you can tell... the value of almost every item alone was more than what I paid for my subscription.

I received the following items (in respective order, as listed on the card above):

MDMflow Greater Than Mascara
Vasanti Professional Blush Brush
yourMinerals Transparent Veil setting powder
A conditioning spray from gorge
Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil
I'm still working on testing stuff out - so far, I've used the conditioning spray a lot, and as someone with bleached/dyed hair, I appreciate the extra conditioning. The eyebrow pencil was too much on the red side for me to pull it off, but it was easy to use with the help of a spoolie. The blush brush is just a nice, basic blush brush - not angled, not too poofy. I'm holding off on the mascara and mineral veil since I have other similar products I'm using right now, and I don't want to have so many open at once.

Shortly after all the boxes shipped, Boxycharm sent out special instructions for "priming" the mascara, which involved pumping the tube quite a bit, so once I get around to actually using it, I'll probably post something separately.