Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lipglosses

I've been wearing Urban Decay's lipgloss since I was a teenager (I believe they called it Lip Gunk back then). Some of them I've loved, and some not so much.

I'm glad that this new line of glosses in this Summer 2015 collection are HIGH COLOR. Urban Decay, y'all need more COLOR. I get it, the Naked line is wildly successful, but your company is all about edginess and offering colors that other companies wouldn't dare offer. Remember when you used to do blue lipstick? I was so happy when the Electric Palette came out! Let's do more of that!

Anyway, these new Revolution High Color lipglosses are probably my favorite glosses to come out in a long time - the last lipgloss release before this was the Naked lipglosses (which fall into the "not so much" category of love because they might as well be clear on me), and before that, the Pocket Rocket and Lip Junkie glosses (which I was lukewarm about). These are the lipglosses I've been waiting for. They are super pigmented, they are hydrating and light to wear without feeling goopy,  and they have a fair amount of staying power (for a lipgloss).

In short, they are kind of awesome. Urban Decay's glosses have been meh for me for the last few years - I almost didn't give these a try, and I'm glad I did, because I really, really like them.

I had a sort of trying-everything-on frenzy at my local UD counter where I proceeded to try on, like, ten of them, and I ended up walking way with four of my must-have shades: Brickhouse, which is a great universal red; Apocalypse, a dark berry; Failbait, a warm spring pink; and Bittersweet, a beautiful purple (because I'm all about purple).

Here they are on my face:




At some point, I will pick up a couple more - of particular interest to me are Vice, which is a glittery purple, and Liar, which is my current favorite nude shade. (I have the regular lipstick and sheer lipstick in Liar as well.)

There are 14 shades - which ones do you want?