I visited the Urban Decay flagship store, and they rocked my world.

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So, I was in Anaheim this weekend for the runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon, and because I was also recently there in January, I decided that instead of hitting the parks again, I would go to the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach and visit Urban Decay's flagship store.

I didn't take a ton of pics of the store itself while I was in there, because I didn't want to be TOO dorky (right???), but it was definitely everything I would've expected. If you've ever visited a UD counter at Macy's, imagine that aesthetic, but being surrounded by it- purple and chrome fixtures everywhere, those awesome clear plastic stools with the awesome artwork, multiple displays of all their permanent products as well as their current summer collection.

They had some exclusives as well - they had all their UD lifestyle items that you can otherwise only get through the UD website (I got a tshirt, because... you know, t-shirts are the usual souvenir, right?), and they also had some special deals on stuff, and the Vice LTD palette, which is no longer being carried anywhere else either (not even on the UD website).

In addition to the shirt, I ended up getting three more Revolution lipglosses (swatches later!) because they were having a special gift-with-purchase if you bought three lip products:

Look at the little studs!
And in addition to THAT, I got a free full-size Naked lipgloss (I chose Streak, because it's coral for summer) as well as a cute little wristlet makeup bag filled with deluxe samples. (Sorry, I'll update this post later with a picture of that.)

Not a bad haul, right? And I still spent less than I would have if I'd decided to visit the Disneyland park again anyway, between the ticket and meals and stuff :)


As I finished paying, the salesgirl who had been helping me offered me a sparkling water, and I was like, "Okay, sure." AND THEN SHE OFFERED ME MACARONS. AND THEN A MIMOSA.

Coconut on the left, and some sort of crazy-delicious lavender/berry-filled something on the right.
"Don't mind me," I told the salesgirl. "I'm just going to move in here, okay?"
Okay, okay. This was something they were doing as a special event for Mother's Day, so on any average day, you would probably not be offered these things, but she assured me that this is how UD does special events.

So there I was, drinking my drink, eating macarons in their especially-purple backroom, when lo and behold, what should I spy but a PHOTO BOOTH. An URBAN DECAY PHOTO BOOTH.

"Oh my god, go ahead!" they said. "Go for it!"

So I did :)

The two you can't see on the right: "Will work for makeup" and the UD logo
Yeah, okay. I think I'm in love. All the employees were super nice and energetic, and the store was beautiful, and I got a magnificent amount of gifts-with-purchase, and I just know that WHEN they open a Bay Area store (which they will, I was told!), I just might grovel at their feet to let me work there during summers.