I took a MAC Technique class!

So, when everyone you know is well aware of your makeup obsession, it comes with certain perks, such as when your friend, who works for MAC, tells you about a word-of-mouth-only class with a Pro MAC artist and says, "You were the first person I thought of." Aw :)

For an $85 fee (which would then be credited in full towards anything I wanted to purchase afterwards), we were going to learn about doing a red carpet "J. Lo glow" complete look from Collin Riley, who works for MAC Pro and does a lot of fashion shoots and things like that. COOL. I was so excited. My best friend is getting married later this year, and she asked me to be her makeup person, so I'm totally eager to learn more tips about doing makeup more professionally.

The class was held in a private room at Nordstrom Hillsdale, and as I found out when I got there, it was more a demo than getting a chance to do some hands-on learning. I was a little disappointed about that, but nonetheless, it would be cool to see the application up close and personal instead of just on a Youtube video. I sat down front and center (with the cute little binder and pencil that they gave everyone to take notes!), ready to pick his brain for tips.

I'm not going to recap everything he did step-by-step because, hey, it was a class we paid for, but I will say that he went through a full face application on a fellow MAC employee, explaining the products and tools he used along the way, from prepping/priming all the way to the finished look (complete with false lashes), fielding questions as he went and pausing frequently to allow for anyone in the class to nab the things he used, in case they wanted to purchase them. (Remember, we each had an $85 credit to use.) The group was a good mix of ability levels, from women who had never used prestige cosmetics before to people like me who are totally obsessed.

The techniques he demonstrated weren't totally new to me - I've either seen or done them before. Again, I would've liked a chance to actually try them myself on someone else, but I guess that would be a different class. I did write down most of the things he used, because I like to investigate reviews sometimes or look for dupes, and I got a chance to ask Collin about being a professional MUA and what I can do, starting out.

After the class, we headed back down to the MAC counter, where I applied my credit towards a sizeable haul. I picked up some Face and Body foundation (which was not what he used in the class, but which my friend recommended to me, and I have to say, it is AMAZING, the two times I've used it so far), a replacement Viva Glam VI lipstick, lip pencil in Whirl (which apparently is in high demand right now thanks to Kylie Jenner *shrug* IDK), an eyeshadow in Espresso to do my eyebrows (because I definitely want to practice that), and an eye pencil in Designer Purple (which I think I will exchange for an Eye Kohl instead, because sometimes I change my mind, right?)

Here's a picture of me wearing the foundation, the VG6, and Espresso on my brows. (My eye makeup was done before the class.)

My skin looks amaaaaaaaaaazing. And my brows don't look awful. (I need more practice.)

I would totally do this again, and I now have a long list of things I want to buy from MAC (because it's not like I don't have enough makeup, right?), and I hope someday I can do a hands-on makeup class, because I really want to learn. Thanks Collin and Hillsdale MAC girls!